Manchon & Company

Who we are and how we are different

Manchon & Company is a premier pricing consulting firm dedicated to building internal pricing capabilities for companies of all sizes.

A DNA of world class pricing

Bringing fortune 500 best practices to mid sized companies

Manchon & Company was founded in 2008 by Augustin Manchon to fill a huge gap in the market place and with a mission: bringing world class and innovative pricing practices previously reserved to Fortune 500 companies to embed them within mid cap companies, startup innovators and portfolio companies of Private Equity.

Bringing the best approaches of America to Europe and of Europe to America

With offices in Toronto and Paris, and at the heart of a broad and loyal ecosystem of specialized pricing resources, Manchon & Company intervenes regularly on both sides of the Atlantic, cross fertilizing best practices across cultures (Augustin speaks 6 languages) and across continents (half the clients are in Europe, half in US/Canada) because pricing creativity and credibility also come from diversity.

Understanding your industry to be relevant, but also challenging you with approaches from outside your industry to be creative

Manchon & Company digs deep into select industries, accumulating experience (12 verticals with at least 10 clients each) to distill the most profound sources of value within the industry of the client. Often enough though, the most promising pricing models and approaches are brought from another industry. We can help your team adapt them successfully to your sector because we have worked on both sides, all the way to the most practical execution details.

The best of the top consulting firms made relevant and practical for mid size but ambitious leaders

We master the professional standards of the large consulting firms: Augustin founded and led the global pricing practice of the largest consulting firm in the world (Deloitte). He founded and led the global pricing of the most successful system integrator (Accenture) and co-led the North American practice of the largest tactical pricing boutique (Simon Kucher).

The only independent boutique among the top 20 most influential pricing experts in the world

source: Slipstream Research

Typically former consultants from large firms who become independent run the risk of losing the edge over time. At Manchon & Company we continue to build on thought leadership by integrating, researching and innovating. We don’t need overhead and an army of junior consultants to have a huge impact. Instead, our influence has grown as an independent and a federator of best partners. As early as in 2011 Manchon & Company was ranked by Slipstream Research in the top 40 most influential pricing experts in the world, #19 to be precise (as well as the only independent one in the top 30). The ranking is even higher (top 10) in the 3 sub categories of Expertise, Persuasiveness and Thoroughness.

Pricing capability: delivered. Competency: transferred.

We build self-sufficiency of client organisations by transferring competency in the 4 pillars of effective pricing: Pricing Analytics, Pricing Strategy, Pricing Tools, Pricing Governance.

A history of pioneering

Creating value for the customer before extracting value for the shareholder

Augustin Manchon created a global center of excellence around Customer Value at Deloitte because he believed that value must be created before being captured and that any pricing has to be rooted in deep customer understanding. Manchon & Company uses the latest techniques of market research, value-based selling and value metrics.

Access to an ecosystem of loyal specialized partners

Manchon & Company is at the heart of an ecosystem of highly specialized experts intervening as regular partners or provided directly to the client as on-demand resources  (e.g. one of his loyal partners leads a LinkedIn group of 300 000 practitioners of design thinking and a team specialized in pricing and value modeling).

It all starts with pricing governance across the organization

He created a pricing practice within generalists (Deloitte and Accenture) because he believed early on that pricing cannot be managed as a silo but must be rooted in an organic collaboration with sales, marketing and finance. That is where he forged his passion for cross functional pricing committees (in place now at all Manchon & Company clients).

A strong reliance on advanced and actionable pricing analytics

He introduced pricing software to his partners while at Simon Kucher & Partners because he believes that no pricing project can be confined to endless qualitative workshops without a deliberate data analytics engine. Today all Manchon & Company pricing projects are rooted in best-in-class analytics. Within a few weeks of providing their transactional data, clients receive (and can subscribe to) an interactive tool that detects immediate pricing improvement opportunities, builds impact scenarios to enlighten management decisions, connects pricing insights with full cost-to-serve visibility, tracks a balanced score card over time for all functions, empowers all (from the CEO to the sales team) with consensual, actionable and periodic insights at their finger tips.

Manchon & Company  only intervenes if the CEO leads the pricing initiative or approves a powerful business case for it

In all his previous firms and more than ever at Manchon & Company, he made pricing a C-level priority. When others only see tactical he sees strategic. When others work for a pricing manager at N-3, he walks into the office of the CEO and gets funding for a transformative program with immediate quick wins to fund capability building. When a CEO struggles to prioritize pricing versus all other initiatives, he weaves pricing into growth plans, he guides cost reduction with value segmentation, monetizes sustainability investments, ensures the CIO is on board…

Pricing as a source of business model innovation

We are living a revolution in business models. Pricing is often at the heart of revenue model innovation and Manchon & Company is at the forefront of it (subscription models, good/better/best offer packaging, behavioral pricing etc.…) and adapting it to more and more industries.

We achieve a more balanced type of growth

Value for customer, for shareholder but also for society and our environment

At Manchon & Company we don’t believe in short-sighted profit tactics, often promoted by most of the other consulting firms and sometimes initially sought by some clients. Instead, we challenge dominant mindsets and partner with clients for sustainable, long-term growth. Short-term financial actions risk harming your business, leading to layoffs, closures, and cost reductions. The kind of growth we achieve creates value and opportunities for everyone. Not only sustainable, long-term results for our clients, but also for their customers, society, and our environment.

At Manchon & Company, we break the trade-off of doing the right thing vs the profitable thing

Furthermore, we have accumulated experience in making corporate social responsibility and sustainability investments affordable through pricing innovation. Yes, your customers will eventually be willing to pay for most of those extra costs if we are smart about it. We are deeply convinced that pricing is a big part of the solution for one of the most consequential questions of our time.

Our Leaders

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