Assess quick wins & Get Started

Pricing Capability Assessment

Pricing Power Assessment

90 day Get Started Program

Capability building roadmap

Quick wins and impact scenarios

Ensure executive support for pricing, create momentum through quick wins, fund next phases with ROI of 10 times the fees, consensus on roadmap and impact expected.

Deep expertise of the specific pricing levers in every industry & equally at ease with C-level as with operational teams

Develop Strategy & Upgrade Analytics

Competitive Benchmarking

Cost-to-serve and complexity

Customer and product segmentation

Elasticity and Willingness to Pay

Pricing strategy

Business Model redesign

Offer Packaging (Good-Better-Best Tiers)

Subscription & Usage Economy

Improve EBITDA by an average of 100-500 basis points, unlock pricing power and profit growth potential, leave behind an analytical tool box as an on-going service.

Ranked as world most influential independent pricing expert since 2009 & access to a loyal ecosystem of advanced analytics and specialized pricing design experts

Build governance & Support Team

Run cross-functional pricing committee

Pricing and value metrics design

Value-based pricing training

Commercial incentives alignment

Support for recruiting pricing team

Align pricing metrics with value, move mindset from cost plus to value based, better profit and growth predictability, agility for several scenarios, self sufficiency without dependency on external consultants.

Manchon & Company’s DNA has been from its foundation to bring world class consulting firm expertise to human scale & build sustainable internal pricing competency

Select & Implement Pricing Tools

Need assessment for pricing systems, RFPs

RFP, tool selection, vendor negotiation

Best practice coaching during implementation

On-going pricing analytics subscription option

Bring best practices, ensure competence transfer to internal team, strengthen pricing resilience for dynamic markets, harness the power of data science and AI.

Only team to have implemented all world leading pricing systems, allowing to bring the best of breed solutions, access to their CEOs & reduce implementation risk and cost